How it works

Our vision is to support local independent growers by creating a digital platform that connects you directly with the grower. Think of us as Australia’s online farmers' market. Join us on our journey as we make this a reality and change the way you buy food!

Check for delivery areas and timings using the postcode checker at the top of the page. All orders over $200 can be express delivered within 24 hours (Mon - Fri) as long as the order is placed by 5pm the previous day. All standing orders (coming soon!) greater than $150 can choose the day of delivery (Mon - Fri). All other orders are served on a set delivery day basis.

We aim to deliver the best pick of local produce within 24 hours of us receiving it from the grower or the market. We do this so you get fresher food, no excess handling, no machine packing and no unnecessary warehousing. We deliver to you in climate-controlled boxes meaning that you do not need to be home to receive your order.


Shop now for organic and conventional fruits, vegetables, meats and other local produce.


We source your order from the best local growers


We pick up your produce, carefully check it, hand-pack it in a climate controlled recyclable packaging, then deliver it to you fresh usually within 24 hours


Any questions just call or email us

Why Choose us - Why we are different

Together we can ensure the future of locally grown fresh nutritious food Together we can ensure the future of fresh food

Over time we will connect local growers of all sizes directly with people like you who value local and fresh, high quality produce.

We deal with the independent growers directly wherever possible so growers receive the best possible price.

Our husband and wife co founding team come from a heritage of growers on the land and genuinely understand the issues faced by independent growers.

We source the freshest available local produce at the time, carefully hand pack and deliver it fresh to you within 24 hours.

We deliver in climate controlled, recyclable packaging so everything stays fresher longer. No need to be home to accept the delivery.

We are genuinely 100% Australian owned and guarantee we will only supply 100% Australia grown produce.

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